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The City of Greenwood is governed by a Mayor-Council form of government.  The Mayor and six elected Alderman make up the Greenwood City Council which is the legislative and policy-making body for the City.  The City Clerk and the City Attorney also sit with the Council during Council Meetings.


The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer for the City of Greenwood and is the presiding officer for the City Council. Visit Page

City Council

As the Legislative body of the City, the City Council serves as the link between the citizens of Greenwood and their municipal government. Visit Page

City Clerk / Treasurer

The City Clerk/Treasurer maintains the official records and public documents of the City of Greenwood. Visit Page

City Attorney

As the Legal Counsel for the City of Greenwood, the City Attorney serves as legal advisor to the Mayor, City Council, and all other City Departments. Visit Page

City Hall

Greenwood City Hall

30 Bell Road
Greenwood, AR 72936

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM M-F

Phone: 479-996-2742
Fax: 479-996-2743

Emergencies: Dial 911

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