Animal Control

The Department of Animal Control is responsible for enforcing animal control ordinances, apprehending stray and nuisance animals, resolving animal complaints, and ensuring that Greenwood's pet owners abide by local and state laws.

Stray animals are first taken to local veterinarians with the hope that they can be reunited with their owners.  Photos of the animals will be posted on their facebook pages.

The Department maintains professional relations with the local, county, and state law enforcement agencies as well as with veterinarians and other animal care and control agencies throughout the state and country

Animal Services collects license fees and deal with animals at large and nuisance animals.  City Licenses must be renewed on a yearly basis.

Animal Registration & License Fees

Note: To avoid a registration penalty and/or fine registration must occur before March 1st of each year.

In an effort to maintain a safe environment for the citizens of Greenwood, all dogs, cats, wolves, wolf hybrid, & ferrets shall:

  • be issued a City Tag each year.
  • be required to maintain a current rabies vaccine.
  • display city & rabies tags when off of the owner’s property.
  • shall be on a leash or tether at all times when off of the owners property.
  • shall be limited to a total of 4 dogs, cats, wolves, wolf hybrid, or ferrets per household. (A waver may be sought at no expense.)
  • shall not be tethered or chained more than 20 hrs in a 24 hr period.

Registration & Tag FEES ONLY apply to dogs, cats, wolves, wolf hybrid, & ferrets.

  • All administrative/registration and any service fees may be paid at City Hall by Check or Money Order Only.
  • State Law now dictates that all ordinance violations (citations) go through the District Court as a misdemeanor and are treated the same as a traffic violation. Any (Fines) are paid to the District Court and not the City of Greenwood.

License Fees

Micro Chipped & Unfertile (Sterilized) $5.00
Unfertile (Sterilized) $10.00
Fertile (Un-sterilized) $25.00
Dangerous Domestic Animal $50.00

Senior Citizen License Fees 62 years of age or older

Micro Chipped & Unfertile (Sterilized) $1.00
Unfertile (Sterilized) $5.00
Fertile (Un-sterilized) $10.00
Dangerous Domestic Animal $50.00

Registration Process

Take your pet to a licensed veterinarian and have them vaccinated against Rabies. Please Note: The state will NOT recognize vaccinations administered by any person other than a licensed veterinarian.

Bring the Rabies Vaccination Certificate to one of the locations listed below.

Greenwood Veterinary Clinic
806 W Center St, Greenwood, AR 72936
Visit Website

South County Animal Hospital
12310 S Hwy 96
Greenwood, AR 72936
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Relevant City Ordinances

City Ordinance 23-11

Department Info

Animal Control Officer
Kyla Gwin

Send Email

Greenwood City Hall
30 Bell Road
Greenwood, AR 72936

Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-4pm

Phone: 479-322-2175
Fax: 479-996 2743

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