Vineyard Cabin

The Vineyard Cabin, originally located just west of Greenwood, was moved to the present location near the Old Jail Museum in Greenwood in 1994.  Restoration of the cabin was completed in 1996.  The cabin was a gift to the Sebastian County Historical Society from Suzanne Francis and Sandra Blackstock, granddaughters of former owners William and Mattie Vineyard.

The circa 1848 cabin was built by a bachelor school teacher, William Blaylock.  Mr. Blaylock first built a one room cabin with a stone fireplace where he lived and taught school until his marriage in 1850.  At that time, he added another similar room with a stone fireplace and connected the two rooms with a breezeway or dogtrot running the depth of the cabin.

Restoration and maintenance of the cabin was made possible by descendants of the Vineyard family and donations from individuals and businesses.  Furnishings in the cabin were donated by Sebastian County residents and are appropriate to the period.  The cabin is currently maintained by the South Sebastian County Historical Society.

The cabin is open during operating hours of the Old Jail Museum and but may be viewed at other times by contacting the South Sebastian County Historical Society or the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce at 479-996-6357.

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