Phase II Water Conservation in effect

Due to record breaking temperatures and lack of rainfall, the Greenwood Water/Wastewater Commission is authorizing and issuing the following guidelines in accordance to Ordinance No. 02-15.

Read Ordinance No. 02-15

Phase II Water Conservation - the following water usage restrictions shall apply:

  • All lawn and turf watering from City sources is prohibited.
  • The watering of shrubs, plants, trees and gardens is permitted only by hand held hose and should be limited to the minimum amounts necessary to sustain plant life. Such watering is permitted at locations with even numbered addresses on even numbered days of the month only and at locations with odd numbered addresses on odd numbered days of the month only.
  • Golf courses are permitted to water only greens and tee boxes from City sources. Watering of golf course fairways and roughs and school athletic fields and other public areas from City sources is prohibited.
  • All washing of motor vehicles, trailers and boats is prohibited except at commercial car washes.
  • The filling of swimming pools is prohibited.
  • The washing of building exteriors, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, patios, parking lots, tennis courts and other hard-surfaced areas by hosing or by use of water directly from faucets with water from City sources is prohibited.
  • The use of water from fire hydrants at any time for construction purposes, fire drills, or routine hydrant testing is prohibited.
  • The use of water from City sources for compacting dirt, earth moving operations or street base course construction is prohibited.

Hopefully as weather conditions change providing rain, this phase of water conservation will be temporary. Thank you all for your patience during this time.